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AUCKLAND FOR CHRISTMAS… pull out the wet weather gear, the 10 Days of Christmas are here… formerly 12 Days, who’s counting,
keep bailing!

The Volvo Ocean Race teams made it to
Abu Dhabi, not all with their boat but from all accounts… all are safe & well and what tales they have to tell as they make ready for Leg 3, Abu Dhabi to Sanya, China!
Coverage of this race on the net has been great for Arrivals, In-Port Races and Departure, plus really good daily updates and coverage all round. I for one, and I know there’s many more, we’re looking forward to the Auckland Arrivals due early March 2015.

So Christmas time and the holiday season is upon us, shopping traffic jams, 2 hour waits to get across the Auckland Harbor Bridge… that beauty brought this city’s traffic to its knees last weekend, but still I smile, with Meg always by my side, I’ve got what I want for Christmas and for every other day throughout the year, so, this greeting is for you my friends…

Seasons Greetings Y’all, stay safe, don’t drink & drive, stay alive, and happy happys to you all, may they always abound and for this Christmas, give the gift of dry… some wet weather gear will do fine!

The next Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Race…
CAPE TOWN 15 November 2014/16 November NZ time

LIVE coverage will be streamed on the Volvo Ocean Race website…
16 November 2014/NZ time, Race Start 1:00am, with LIVE coverage from 12:50am
15 November 2014/SAST time, Race Start 2:00pm, with LIVE coverage from 1:50pm

LEG 2… Cape Town to Abu Dhabi begins 19 November, 2014 at 1800 local time (SAST)

Next Stop Cape Town

As of 11:50PM 1 Nov, NZ time,
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing has 1596.5nm to go
& projections are showing the possibility
of Cape Town on 5 November.

Positions so far…

Leg One 6478nm Alicante to Cape Town
Here’s where they are so far…
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing is in the lead
Dongfeng Race Team 2nd following 17.7nm behind,
Team Brunel 3rd at 18.1nm,

Team Vetsas Wind 4th at 39.7nm,
Team Alvimedica 5th at 118.8nm,
MAPFRE 6th at 317.3nm, and
Team SCA sitting 533.2nm behind the race leader.

Cape Town may see the first of the fleet 4-5 days from now!

Photo by Matt Knighton on Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race

Photo of Brunel Sailing

24 October 2014, Friday night in NZ…
The Volvo Ocean Race teams have mostly made it thru the doldrums now and what a split it’s created with 226nm distance between 1st & 7th place overall, while en route to Cape Town.

One boat, one design, 7 teams with a whole lot of skill, and at times a whole lot of luck, and on they push for Cape Town!

Latest positions as of 8:39pm NZ time…

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing skilfully remains in the lead with 3466.6nm to go to Cape Town.

Team Brunel 2nd 12.7nm behind

Team Vestas Wind 3rd 76.7nm from the lead
Dongfeng Race Team 4th, 161.2nm
MAPFRE 5th 193.2nm
Team Alvimedica 6th 200.5nm
Team SCA 7th 226.6nm from the lead and 3693.1nm still to go to Cape Town.  

Hope you are on Facebook…
I’m running some Volvo Ocean Race Updates in NZ time HERE!

Photo by Brian Carlin riding with Team Vestas Wind

19 October 2014
What a week of sailing
for the Volvo Ocean Race teams… t
he lead’s been shared by all & some more than once. It’s been a week now since leaving Alicante & they are all now deep into the Atlantic & it’s mysteries awaiting each hour, & for some, fishing nets & debris & for Dongfeng Race Team, they ran smack into something, who knows what but the impact broke their rudder off. They replaced the rudder and on they sail!

Team SCA has not been as fortunate, on the last position report, they were sailing 71.4nm behind and they experienced running into a fishing net that they had to cut & maneuver their way out of with, with what appeared, help from the fishing boat who had the net out.

Team Brunel also ran into debris and are again sailing in 3rd at 9.5nm back.

It is now been reported there may be a delay arriving into Cape Town due to the lights winds experienced in the Atlantic. Who knows what’s next?

An Update from 5:12pm NZ time today, 19 Oct 2014…
A big lead has been maneuvered by Dongfeng Race Team, ahead of Team Vestas Wind 32.2nm behind, with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing following just 0.1nm behind. Then comes Team Brunel 33.5nm back from the lead, MAPFRE 39.8nm from the lead, then a big split to Team Alvimedica 70nm from the lead and the girls of Team SCA… 90.6nm from the lead, after last night getting stuck in a fishing net.

14 October 8:21AM NZ time produced quite the change!
Team Vestas Wind has taken the lead by 1.9nm ahead of the fleet, with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing sitting in 2nd place, Team SCA has fallen 7.3nm behind, followed by Dongfeng Race Team 9.3nm back from the leader of the pack, it’s night time there and on into the night’s ocean they sail at 11-12Knts of breeze!

13 October 2014, the first thru the straits, past Gibraltar and ahead of the fleet, & all thru the night before, was Team SCA.
Navigating the Straits of Gibraltar, & even some time drifting backwards…
Team SCA was the first team to reach the Straits of Gibraltar & into the Atlantic this morning!

13 October 8:21PM NZ time it’s…
Team SCA is in the lead, with
Team Vestas Wind following 4.7nm behind
Team Alvimedica 7.6nm
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 7.8nm
Dongfeng Race Team 9.7nm
Team Brunel 10nm
MAPFRE 10.5nm
and now they are into the Atlantic and the long sail to Cape Town!

The Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015…

Leg One… Alicante to Cape Town began at
14:00 CEST, Saturday 11th October, with
LIVE NZ time coverage from
12:50AM, Sunday 12 October,
when the
Volvo Ocean Race Teams departed on the
6,487 nm journey from Alicante to Cape Town.

The Volvo Ocean Race began in Alicante with the first in-shore race Saturday 4th October 2014. Winner of the day… Team Alvimedica, congratulations & thanks to the VOR media for providing excellent coverage LIVE as it happened!

I will endeavor to provide a LIVE link, for each VOR in-shore race, showing in NZ time, hopefully… for each race, before it happens.

So… Leg One began 11 October (12 Oct NZ)… Alicante to Cape Town, then it’s on to Abu Dhabi, to Sanya, a long slip down & sideways into Auckland, over to Itajai, then up the east coast of the USA into Newport, then over the Atlantic into Lisbon, up to Lorient, a 24 hour stopover in the Hague, then it’s up to the Finish Line in Gothenberg, to complete yet another around the world Volvo Ocean Race .

The Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015
11 ports, 38,739 nautical miles!

The teams are…
Team SCA (Sweden), Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Team Brunel (Netherlands), Dongfeng Race Team (China), Team Alvimedica (Turkey/US), MAPFRE (Spain), Team Vestas Wind (Denmark).

What’s the next Big Thing?

From Jan 13, 2014…
What is it going to be, maybe there’s just too many for the human mind to imagine these days?
Let’s call them trends and the best yet I’ve heard lately is of a new internet, without the net! :)
… imagine, and now for an
Update, 26 March 2014, Facebook acquires Oculus VR, this could be the deal of the lifetime :)

Found a new floating lounge with a view & we
spotted the DKNGHT Lamborghini out for a spin & the new De Havilland Beaver on our shores!
  Pretty racy these two, the Lambo & the Beaver!
… and then came these, as the eternal search for the next Big Thing continues!


Thinking back, years ago, it always was only all about Me.
Then along came Meg and finally it all began to make perfect sense,
two M&M’s, together, Meg & Me, real friendship… now that’s what makes it all worthwhile!
Lookin at YouThis is what I'm talking about!SmilingSmiling friend

The end of this 2013

The end of 2013, finally!
Another day & it’s into 2014 we head.
I hope this year before us becomes better than this one we now bid farewell to.
It was not one of my favorites but this next is showing good signs ahead for us all.

I will remember 2013 as the year of the whistle blowers, of their tales they exposed to this world this time. The world’s super powers were given a very great slap, and their cover-ups continue to
ricochet around this world. They spend far too much money on snooping and denying it, but at last, some brave enough went forward and spilled they did! Well done! Nations divided. Lies abounded. The NEWS from the major television network telecasters of, CNN, Al Jazerra, BBC World, Fox, CNCBC, SKY, and the locals too, all became far too opinionated. What happened to reporting? It’s now all too repetitive, like crummy commercials, all showing us what they feel we should see. TV has been pretty much the worst I have ever seen, yet on a positive note… I’ve managed to see more movies this year on DVD than any other year before me, and a note… I did not download or pirate a single film at all, I never have anyways, so there, and the films I saw, many were entertaining from some very solid film makers, so thank you!

Back to the NEWS, which can get rather stuck in your face, however, the new NEWS, that I prefer, now comes from links and shares from those I know on Facebook & from picking pieces out of this & that on the Internet… NEWS that leads to a more positive & sustainable planets’ life and there’s some pretty good people out there with some good directions that they are willing to share.

2013 is also the year I turned 63. I feel my age now. I look different, think different too, my body’s pace has changed, my values have altered, so has my diet! I’m pretty close to a Vegan now and I gave up alcohol & smoke years back… lucky me.

My favorite times are now spent with my 6 year old fox terrier… that’s quality time, doing our wanders and our wags together, daily, I quite enjoy following her nose and our walks together and some of my continuing photography when I can. There’s little ignoring my life has now moved onto a new stage, and with me I step ahead with the best friend I have ever known… DaMeggie Oe, Meg is also her name, we make very good friends and we’re moving ahead.

I think this world, globally, has far better to offer than what this 2013 served out.
So, on that note, I bid you well for the rest of 2013, and here’s to
wishing us all a much kinder 2014 next!

It’s coming up on that season again…

Hornicopters included, absolutely no exceptions!