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That’s it,, our last page, now’s the time to say good bye from here

Thank You
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of You,
for all the years of viewing us, that’s 8 years I’ve counted,
including all the thrills & the spills and all the kinds of abstract realities we’ve poked in here.

I have decided to let my 2 websites, this and my photography website… DouglasHannayPhotography go,
as I find my time is now spent more on Facebook
and You Tube, so, Meg & I thank you
for watching and popping on by!

We’ll see you out there, resistance is still futile,
and well see you real soon!

Doug & DaMeggie Oe

Me & DaMeggie Oe… 7 amazing years, and counting

I don’t know how we did it,
and we’re still doing it…
7 years together,
as of today 12 July 2016,
seven of the toughest years I have ever lived,
but with the greatest companion I’ve ever known… Meg & Me, wagging everywhere we go, that’s what we does, and on & on we goes!

I hope you found some good pages in here, even I found a few goodies to look back over on during the times in here. I count 19 varieties, with over 100 pages, there’s been more, sometimes less but this is where it’s at now and soon I’m going to lay it to rest because now I spend my time on Facebook, so this is just a thanks, to all of you, for all the reads and for that one special person I was looking to find,
I hope you know a little more now than you did before, and from here on in, as always,
It don’t mean a thing if you don’t got that swing and we’ll see you around!


Another one bites the dust, 6 years behind us now…

6 Years ~ Alcohol free, I quit June 24, 2010, left it in the wake… it’s just a blur behind us now

To add a little more to the concise confusion on the Newport Pop Festival in 1968 at the Orange County Fairgrounds…

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 9.15.40 PMFor those of you whom I mentioned my involvement in the 1960’s with the 2nd Peace Festival… I got it wrong, maybe it was all the smoke drifting about, but it was actually called The Newport Pop Festival, held in Costa Mesa, at the Orange County Fairgrounds in California on August 3–4, 1968. Adding to the concise confusion, over the years, it’s often been misinformed as to who actually even played there, but it was recorded as the first music concert ever to have more than 100,000 paid attendees. From fragmented memory, there was supposedly 125,000 tickets sold, but 25,000 of those tickets sort of disappeared and then there was about 5000 complimentary tickets given out, and then about an extra 1000 plus were let in to the showgrounds too. I was there, it was a delight and hot ‘as’ for those in front of the stages, but fortunately I was involved with the festival and I got to wander, mostly back stage, on a sort of meet & greet situation for the bands that made it there,  and I can say some bands didn’t even show up, after all, it was the 60’s! Some other bands, not even billed, who showed up, said they should be able to play too because the word went out… over 100,000 tickets sold, this was the place you wanted to be known to have played at & almost everyone there came to play. There was no shortage of performers,
music was the theme, peace was in the air and history was made!
Anyways, I keep having flash-backs, so I had to look it up
and here’s what I’ve found in Wikipedia on the
Newport Pop Festival in 1968

We all know there’s White & Wong’s in life

Think we should go in? Let’s Go ~ Wong & White’s fit perfectly in our Life!
White EeO, Wong’s White-atorium… Here We Go!!

Where is Peter Harrison??… Update: Peter’s found!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.12.22 PMPeter called me up one day, years back, asked me if I could ride over & back with him, from Waiheke Island to Half Moon Bay in Auckland, on the ferry that he was skippering that day. Peter said he had a question for me that could only be answered on a trip to the city & back, so down to the ferry I went, hopped onboard and into the cockpit I went. After he got us out of the bay he got me to take the control… it was a simple joy stick, turn left, right, port, starboard, whatever you like, off we went, all very easy, out & across the Tamaki Strait and then I headed it towards the narrow channel, enroute to Half Moon Bay, when Peter said to me,
‘Now then Doug, which way do you plan on entering this channel ahead,
as in between which markers?’

I replied… ‘Red right returning Peter, always!’… meaning I was going to enter the channel with the red marker on our right & the green on the left.
Peter smiled & said… ‘Not on my watch you aren’t!’
I looked at Peter and said ‘Then what do you suggest?’
Peter said this was why he wanted me along that day, to see it for himself. I’ll explain, in Canada & the US waters, when you return to a port, or head up a river, you always head between the markers with the red on your right. Easy enough to learn… Red-Right Returning, but Peter said ‘Not on my watch you aren’t, because that’s only for Can/USA,
the rest of the world is Green-Right-Returning!

Oh nooooo, the first thing I thought was I wonder about the Exxon Valdez, and of course I re-alligned our passage direction ahead, we were on a ferry, with people & cars & with Peter’s watchful eye on me, somehow we made it there & back that day, to live another day.
Thank you Peter, it’s changed my whole point of view on the water here on these NZ shores… it’s taught me to get a thicker hull!
If you happen to see this it would be nice to hear from you, :) :) if you’re still out there…

News Flash UPDATE 23 May 2016:
I’ve been looking for Peter for years, I can now finally say Peter has been Found, and thank you Stradbroke Ferries, it’s been an arduously long journey, 3 days since I posted it in here & on Facebook… thank you!!

Hey there Soul, you want to go for another 100 years?

IMG_1363I was asked if I’d be willing
to expose my soul, for a good cause…

So, I thought about that. Maybe some day I could offer up a clone, of mine? I am really quite heavenly once you get to know me & I’ve always had soul, I step right in, funk, bilateral R&B, house slash disco and some mood indigo to meet & greet the day, and some say say say to meet the night headlong, ya, I’m willing to consider it, just as long as there’s not a great long cue. I’m not one for waiting, I’m already 65, if I’m not careful, it could become a very long drawn out century ahead… I’d be 165 by then, but I do enjoy a good challenge ~ especially when it’s for a good cause.

So, we’re thinking about it :) :)

As until the day that you are me and I am you…

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.15.12 PMJust because I am…

and Meg & Me are We,

and it’s the last day of April 2016,

tomorrow we’re onto something new.

So, until the day that you are me and I am you,

I’ll be loving you always
Stevie Wonder’s… As

& we’re waiting out intently the next Volvo Ocean Race shoot,
for when they next arrive in Auckland. Until we meet again :) :)

More for the Ears right over here

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 8.27.01 PM
Chilling as we’re heading on into our sub tropical winter here, on our NZ shores,
and a bit of music I enjoy to get us there, by DJ Ienz,
Latin Lounge … as smooth as it may be :)

Paradise in these ears, right here

Frankie Knuckles
Some of the music I enjoy…

Frankie Knuckles
January 18, 1955 – March 31, 2014
RIP dear friend, I sure miss your music!

Frankie Knuckles 1 Jan 2006 – Live from Shine, South Beach, Florida New Years Jan 1, 2006