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Evacuation of low lying areas is well underway in Chile, 6.5 foot waves have already made it ashore onto Chile’s northern shores, all major NEWS feeds are running the stories. All should take alert if you are in a straight line, across the ocean, while experiencing a high tide at the same time of its expected arrival… NZ, Australia, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and this was only an 8.3… Chile’s been rumbling now for quite some time.
A ways back, a tsunami, originated from Chile, made it to our shores, it ran straight across the ocean, fortunately it arrived at low tide, however, if it happened during our high tide, which that day was a King tide, well plenty of places would have been swamped. We were lucky.
I think we’ll be hearing more from Chile in the future.

USGS is always a good site and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is always another good one.
Of course, there’s nothing quite as quick as Facebook :) :) except as being there.

On the missing 777…
It’s just a thought of mine, a possible theory, on those waypoints
and not in the exact order as they possibly could have happened, just the same…

The pilots, or a pilot, or someone or a group of people, took over control of the 777, climbed it above 45,000 feet, rendering most onboard unconscious, or worse, from lack of oxygen (the reported service ceiling of the 777 is 43,100 feet), transponders somewhere along the way were turned off, the Malaysian military reportedly held back information for 3 days, they finally said they noticed the course change but nothing was done about it, so maybe they didn’t notice until checking over their data later or someone finally admitted it, then whoever was in control of the plane brought it down to a lower altitude. Course changes were made… crossing specific waypoints.

I’m focusing on those waypoints.

Was something onboard that 777, of particular value, dropped at any of those waypoints, or points along the way? Three days before the Malaysian military, or whoever brought it up, mentioned those waypoints, that allows a long time for a vessel on the sea below to pick up something dropped and make their way off with it and someone could have sky dived away from that plane and left the auto pilot to fly at low altitude, unnoticed, until it ran out of fuel, and then it made its final descent into the sea. It would seem like a rather well planned operation, if it were true and then it would not necessarily be a normal act of terrorism, instead, theft on the high seas!

But who’s to say… now it’s the 22 March and still nothing has been found.
Seems the skies are not as friendly as they used to be but when you gotta go, you may as well!

What’s the next Big Thing?

What is it going to be? Maybe there’s just too many for the human mind to imagine each day now?
Let’s call them trends and the best yet I’ve heard lately is of a new internet, without the net! :)
… imagine!

Found a new floating lounge with a view & we
spotted the DKNGHT Lamborghini out for a spin, and the new de Havilland Beaver on our shores!
  Pretty racy these two, the Lambo & the Beaver!
… and then came these, as the eternal search for the next Big Thing continues!


If I think back years ago, it was all about Me…
Then along came Meg, and it all made perfect sense,
the love you can find in a real friendship… it truly does make it all worth while.
I think I’ve got it now!
Here’s my best friend… and what my world revolves around now!


The end of this 2013

The end of 2013, finally!
Another day & it’s into 2014 we head.
I hope this year before us becomes better than this one we now bid farewell to.
It was not one of my favorites but this next is showing good signs ahead for us all.

I will remember 2013 as the year of the whistle blowers, of their tales they exposed to this world this time. The world’s super powers were given a very great slap, and their cover-ups continue to
ricochet around this world. They spend far too much money on snooping and denying it, but at last, some brave enough went forward and spilled they did! Well done! Nations divided. Lies abounded. The NEWS from the major television network telecasters of, CNN, Al Jazerra, BBC World, Fox, CNCBC, SKY, and the locals too, all became far too opinionated. What happened to reporting? It’s now all too repetitive, like crummy commercials, all showing us what they feel we should see. TV has been pretty much the worst I have ever seen, yet on a positive note… I’ve managed to see more movies this year on DVD than any other year before me, and a note… I did not download or pirate a single film at all, I never have anyways, so there, and the films I saw, many were entertaining from some very solid film makers, so thank you!

Back to the NEWS, which can get rather stuck in your face, however, the new NEWS, that I prefer, now comes from links and shares from those I know on Facebook & from picking pieces out of this & that on the Internet… NEWS that leads to a more positive & sustainable planets’ life and there’s some pretty good people out there with some good directions that they are willing to share.

2013 is also the year I turned 63. I feel my age now. I look different, think different too, my body’s pace has changed, my values have altered, so has my diet! I’m pretty close to a Vegan now and I gave up alcohol & smoke years back… lucky me.

My favorite times are now spent with my 6 year old fox terrier… that’s quality time, doing our wanders and our wags together, daily, I quite enjoy following her nose and our walks together and some of my continuing photography when I can. There’s little ignoring my life has now moved onto a new stage, and with me I step ahead with the best friend I have ever known… DaMeggie Oe, Meg is also her name, we make very good friends and we’re moving ahead.

I think this world, globally, has far better to offer than what this 2013 served out.
So, on that note, I bid you well for the rest of 2013, and here’s to
wishing us all a much kinder 2014 next!

It’s coming up on that season again…

Hornicopters included, absolutely no exceptions!

How about a new slice?

All you RAW’sters on Facebook, and some of you with your websites on Eating Raw,
Fifth Elementespecially you 2…
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of FullyRaw,
and Scotty O – Scott Mathias of Scott Mathias Raw,

between you 2, and yes, all the rest of you as well, you’ve been getting to me and I thank you!

So, it’s Dec 8, 2013, I’ve been thinking about this and there’s Meg & Me and all of you…

Nine days back, I took an about turn!

I’ve been following many of you in Facebook on the foods you’ve been showing. The RAW’s are catching my eyes, and since I used to be a rather devout vegetarian, I’ve noticed myself reading up on about all those good things I once used to eat and I’m asking myself… what happened? I used to easily eat better 30 – 40 years ago, far easier than I can now. Now it’s not so easy. I’ve also been wondering how this planet’s going to continue feeding itself. Fukushima’s spewing radiation daily into the Pacific, basically the whole Pacific is now a danger zone, fish anyone? Then, like never before, we’re experiencing extreme storms, heat, cold, air quality’s a mess, riots, wars, country’s financial breakdowns, cities going bankrupt, gold prices vs the dollar… they just don’t balance and now there’s Bitcoin… hmm & NSA… nothing like getting your fingers caught in the cookie jar and now there’s Whistleblowers up for awards. Our population’s growing way beyond its deaths and bottom line… we’re noticing extreme shortages of safe drinking water and edible foods.

Time for a change?
Nine days back I began my day differently, with a smoothy, using grapes, kiwi fruit, apple, celery, strawberries, spinach, bananas, celery, kale, tomatoes, lemons, limes, pineapple… not all each time, but after 9 days I can easily say, the change feels good and the signs look positive.

Ten days back… brekkie began with 2 or 3 bananas, those were ok, but then it progressed to 2 poached eggs, 2 slices of tasty cheese, an avocado, all on 2 pieces of thin sliced Vogel toasted bread & coffee, lots of coffee, then as the day progressed, heaps of bananas. Then came dinner and something I latched onto, 3-4 months ago, that I left out years back… pasta. Hmmm, dead noodles, ah ha, ok, well with the pasta I had an avocado, red onion, tomatoes, broccoli or cauliflower, mmm NZ salmon, or skinned chicken, or any number of store bought fish from the seafood counters. The pasta brought carbs, oops, too much mass and finally my body said…
Whoa, stop the boat, something’s getting off!

So something had to go…
– The first was the chicken. I’d heard enough about these caged and uncaged birds, supposedly free range. I’m not buying into that anymore!
– The next was the fish. They all looked so lovely in the display, but it’s been gnawing away at me, ever since Fukushima began soiling its radioactive guts into the sea. NZ sellers here still are saying they do not know if anyone is checking for radiation in these fish and I continually keep hearing about shark being sold under many names, angel fish, lemon fish and others but the stories say they are all riddled with mercury, and the majority of the rest of the fish being sold here are all being caught with huge long line trawlers, that I read are simply wiping out our fish stocks on this planet! For a while I thought maybe NZ salmon might be ok, at least for a while, but now I hear they mostly came from farmed salmon, that may or may not be safe, from NZ’s south island, however, I simply do not trust what any officials in NZ are telling us about our foods bought here, full stop!

A few days back, I read, from a friend…
Pacific Coast – RADIATION levels …
“The levels exceeded federal drinking water thresholds, known as maximum contaminant levels, or MCL, by as much as 181 times.” This means that the complete ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean is now poisoned with radiation and we aren’t being warned.”

Hers are not the only reports, there are many these days but no official specifics.
Why? It honestly all sounds like a very big cover up.

I used to live in the Pacific North West (PNW). My favorite fish back then was the sockeye salmon, yum, it was the top end of the salmon chain for me, and I used to love eating sushi… I ate tons of it back then! After the oil spill of the Exxon Valdez, and their use of Corexit to disperse the oil in that clean up, I read the Corexit killed everything, fish, people, all living things, sea level down to 500 feet, so, so much for the delightful sockeye, of the Pacific North West for me, and over these last few years, some professional fisherman I used to know in the PNW, that I still keep loosely in touch with, they’ve said they believe the fish they are catching are too contaminated with radiation to sell, yet the Co-Ops deny it & are still buying and shipping them out. If you catch fish up there commercially, you either sell through a Co-Op or there’s very few willing to buy. I think there’s a far more serious issue going on here with seafood, than those unknowing have been led to believe. There’s even some that have not even heard of the Exxon Valdez. I suppose… I am not one of them. I’m just trying to find a safe way to eat, for myself and for my Meg, and with a bit of luck, maybe we can find and share a safer way to survive what this planet is throwing out at us these days.

Next… Veggies & Fruit, yikes, what about them? I eat heaps of them, mostly bought from local growers here in NZ, but some of the stuff also comes from overseas. I prefer buying local, just the same, if I don’t grow it or catch it, it makes me wonder, and what I can catch, or grow, that makes me wonder now too! So what to eat and what is the safest, or should I ask what is the least deadly… now there’s a good question!

I read last August, that Sergey Brin, billionaire co-founder of Google, had bankrolled an effort to produce the world’s first synthetic lab-grown hamburger. Hey, thinking about this for a moment, I looked up an old page of mine with a world population clock link on it and as I followed that link I found that as of today, our world’s population is 7,197,733,172 and growing by the second, but I also read an alarming fact…
Births this year so far were 129,842,525 and deaths were 53,574,686.
We’re obviously going to run out of food unless a way is found to feed the masses and sadly, already a huge amount of those masses are already starving and/or have been for many years, but at this rate of births, our planet is unsustainable.

Ok, now how about Meg, she’s my best friend & companion… so what about feeding her?
I understand dogs share 99.9% of its DNA with wolves and I don’t believe in the days when the wolf first appeared that they were lining up in the cue at McDonald’s.
DaMeggie Oe is a fox terrier, she’s slim, fit, no fat on her, healthy as a fox, and I feed her from
Raw Essentials, a company here in NZ, utilizing  a range of wild, noxious pests and farmed human-grade animals from New Zealand. They say there is nothing added to their nutritious, natural, wholefood diet. That’s good for me. I don’t eat the stuff but it’s sold marked as not fit for human consumption, but it appears safer than store bought meats for human consumption, so go figure! I feed Meg their rabbit, hare, heart, tripe, wallaby, chicken, duck, goat & lamb… mostly all from the south island of NZ and she gets absolutely no grocery chain pet foods from any of the major food chains, or from any of the other butchered unknown meaty food selling places here on our shores. She’s healthier than I am, but let’s remember, her DNA leads to the wolf. My DNA… still unknown, could be alien, I might have a bar code somewhere, think I should see if it scans?

That’s it this time, for a new direction and I think it’s time for a new bite as well!
Obviously RAW comes in different versions, depending on whether you’re a humanoid or canine.

Oh, those 2 above I mentioned, I think they have some pretty good shares to be found on their websites & on Facebook too, so, I posted their links below, your choice, and thanks for the read and please share me a Like and I’ll see if I can keep these informative!

Here’s their Facebook links:
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of FullyRaw
Scott Mathias of Scott Matias Raw

‘Tis the season, Season’s Greetings to you & to all your followings,
eat well, stay happy, be wise, & here’s to a good yum, slurp & a chew,
as we see our way through the rest of this extraordinary year!
Douglas & DaMeggie Oe!

Seasons Greetings, from Me & Meg, to You & to all of your followings!
It’s December 1st, 2013, another year here in NZ now…

A year ago, we were still up in the hills, where I got these pics below, some of my Points of View, shot right off the balconies, it was nice up there! We’ve since come down off that hill, most made it through 2012 without too much of a bang, the world is still here & it’s summer time again on our NZ shores!

As some of you know, that Like to follow us in here, from time to time,
I often enjoy sharing music into some of these pages, to help
get across my emotional point of view.
Here’s some of my favorites & I hope it slips you into a nice sort of groove ::::

Deadmau5, Avicii, Armin Van Burren, Reflekt, Chicane and Dennis de Laat.

Here’s a few randoms from the last few years, I’ve been hoping to poke them in here somewhere.
Fooling the Rounds with the sights sometimes
here on our NZ shores.

DaMeggie Oe & I… 2 best friends & learning how to use this Samsung G S III